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WPTAPL™ Contact Page

WPTAPL™ Contact Page

The Member Services team is here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League
Amateur Poker League, Inc

World Headquarters

PO Box 780557
Wichita, Kansas 67278

WPTAPL Member Service
Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM CST

E-MAIL: memberservice@apl1.net
PHONE: (316) 689-0600 (Option #2)
FAX: (316) 691-5914

Kurt McPhail
President - CEO


Shane McCullough

Executive Vice President


Kathleen McPhail
Director Member Services

E-MAIL: memberservice@apl1.net

WPTAPL™ Sanctioned Leagues

Arizona - Independent Poker League

Bob Clarich
Arizona - South Centra
E-MAIL: bclarich@gmail.com
PHONE: 480-688-3498

Colorado - Poker of the Rockies

Brenda Farmer
Colorado - Northern
E-MAIL: pokeroftherockies@gmail.com
PHONE: 719-338-9992

Colorado - J and K Poker

Kelly Stafford
Southern Colorado
E-MAIL: kstafford@mywptapl.com
PHONE: 719-359-7471

Florida - Panhandle Poker League

Beth Freeman
Florida - Tallahasse & Tampa
E-MAIL: panhandlepoker@mywptapl.com
PHONE: 850-524-0549

Georgia - Amateur Poker League Southeast, LLC

Frank Hustek
E-MAIL: fhustek@apl1.net
PHONE: 706-461-2201

Georgia - Atlanta Amature Poker League

Gary Lohr
East Atlanta
E-MAIL: atlapl@yahoo.com
PHONE: 770-490-6891

Indiana / Kentucky - Southern Indiana Poker

Bruce Houghton
Southern Indiana & Western Kentucky
E-MAIL: bhoughton@mywptapl.com
PHONE: (812) 604-3692

Indiana - A2C Poker

Lissa Sears
Central Indiana
E-MAIL: Sears@a2cwear.com
PHONE: 317-417-7666

Kansas - Double Aces

Tom Johnson
Southeast Kansas
E-MAIL: tomjohnson@mywptapl.com
PHONE: 316-249-3566

Kansas - Big Bucks Poker League

Blake Porubsky
Topeka and NE Kansas
E-MAIL: theblakestir@gmail.com
PHONE: 785-213-9326

Mid Atlantic - East Coast Poker Productions

4 State Entertainment LLC
Mid Atlantic - Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania
E-MAIL: eastcoastpoker@mywptapl.com
PHONE: 240-440-0543

Missouri - Magic Poker

Barb Shoemaker
NE Missouri
E-MAIL: candbshoemaker@yahoo.com
PHONE: 660-414-5163

North Carolina - WTM Poker Club

Bill McCormack
Western North Carolina
E-MAIL: wtm@wtm-consulting.com
PHONE: 704-234-8088


Southeast Pennsylvania
PHONE: 484-524-3570

Tennessee - Volunteer Poker

Gary M. Jones Sr.
E-MAIL: gjones@apl1.net
PHONE: 615-299-6338

Texas - DFW Amateur Poker League

David Adamson
Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio
E-MAIL: dadamson@wptapl-texas.com
PHONE: 214-914-0873

Bellaire Poker League

Dave Butler
Texas - Houston Reg 533
E-MAIL: bellairepokerleague@gmail.com
PHONE: 281-660-6300

Alpha Poker League

David Gil
VA - Eastern Virginia
E-MAIL: gildmil@gmail.com
PHONE: 757-705-6653

Virginia - Flop Junkies

H.L. Smith
Northern Virginia
E-MAIL: hl@pmdirect.us
PHONE: 703-856-0439

Washington - West Coast Poker, LLC

Lloyd Haskins
Washington - Western
E-MAIL: westcoastpoker@mywptapl.com
PHONE: 360-259-4582



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